Few Poems

If you know

so release yourself with a sigh
if you know I am here
as the road wavers into misty clouds
where your steps vague and your hopes fair
I know your thought, my beloved
that you love me with a love of fire
and I will reward you,
while reserve for you a host as your choir
and that you risked all that you have
and that you crossed the river and the mire
if you know that I know
even to the dearest have I treasured your require
as you draw close to me
would I refuse to draw close to you-
whoever whisper this to you is a swindler
if only you know
I have every way granted you to speak to his dare
so speak to him, straight and calm
as your voice pins him to quiver and fear


there is a place beyond the seashore,
through darkness it comes
like a dreamworld
like a wind
or a bird

a boat is not enough a ride
for darkness bears its own pride
and a vistor's bad news
to which we are destined for a flight

so to a flight we go
knowing the waving and surging of days
they lie ahead of us
they lie ahead

do not cry, my friend, or be afraid
know that you are chosen
for such a time as this
yes, such a time
and a journey
so do not cry
let my hand be your strength
and you know it is in yours

there is a place beyond the seashore
through the dawn it comes
as a promised land
as a wind
or a bird

where are you

when you dream the world is long
long enough, like a road reaching the sky
you think you are running to eternity
then suddenly you stop and cry
i'd know where you are
are you still that boy, fearful and shy

I hope there is room for me to sit
I mean, in your heart
to tell you that we just have to wait
when summer days are gone, the sun would not be so hot
i'd know where you are
are you still that boy, with hairs never cut


你说我的英文诗不如中文诗好,真是英雄(美人)巨眼。实话实说地好,是个好朋友的样子!   有你读和评,已经很满足了。


可可,顽皮的很, 又是什么意思呢?


Did you watch the recent movie "The Book of Eli"? It plays a good trick on blindness and sight....


My signature says that I am sick, severely.

Sorry to hear that... Love you, anyway...




谢谢你了。 (很感动的表情)。。。