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沁园春 长沙  一九二五年

In the cold autumn
I alone stand
By the north flowing Xiangjiang River
At the edge of the Orange Island
Behold, red leaves many mountains cover
Giving layers of woods color
Green and clear is the river
Junks race with one another
Fish to the bottom dive
Eagles into the sky soar
The frosty season sees the freedom of all the creatures
Worried though am I for the vast universe
And I ask the misty land:
Who will be your rulers?

I recall hanging out with friends
In those upheaval years bygone
When we were classmates young
Our energy and talents strong
Young scholars’ ideals and ambitions
Were at their prime seasons
We wrote critical articles
About rivers and mountains*
And derided powerful persons
We swam in the center of the river
Where currents were much stronger?

*Rivers and mountains are used as a metaphor for one’s country.

菩萨蛮  黄鹤楼 一九二七年春

Nine misty rivers travers the land of China
One railroad connects the north and the south
What a hazy scene in mist and rain
The turtle and the snake have the Yangtze in chain

Where has the yellow crane gone?
Leaving behind  a sight-seeing spot
I pour wine into the rolling river
The waves in my heart surge higher

西江月《井岗山》 一九二八年秋
Flags were seen down the hill
Drums and bugled heard up the hill


Winds change directions, clouds change colors
New wars broke out among warlords
Bringing miseries to people in a stream
Each is renewing his kingdom dream

Our flags crossed the River Dingjiang
And further to Longyan and Shanghang
We fixed things after victory was in hand
Into tillers' hands we delivered land


Life of men runs fast
But that of heaven can last
Each year we have the Chongyang Festival
Today we again meet the festival
Fragrant are the flowers in the field of battle

Autumn wind is strong year after year
Unlike spring time, but it is better
A vast span of frost, heaven and river


Ninghua, Qingliu, Guihua
Narro roads, deep forests and slippery moss
Where are we heading to?
Right down the Wuyi Mountains
Down the mountains, down the mountains
Red flags flutter in the winds
Like open scroll paintings


White is the whole sky
Marching in snow makes things more urgent
Over our heads we see mountains high
Our red flags pass the mountain passes in wind

Where are we heading to?
The windy and snowy places on the Ganjiang River
Yesterday was issued an order
To Ji'an moved ten thousand peasants and workers


In June heavenly soldiers came to punish the evil and corrupted
With long ropes they were to capture the Big Bird wicked
In the red area beyond the Ganjiang River
Huang Gonglue was appointed the  reinforcement commander

Workers and peasants in millions rose up
Sweeping Jiangxi and marching on to the provinces of Hu
Down from the heaven came the wind violent and strong
In which I hear the grave tune of  the INTERNATIONALE song


Blazingly red were trees in the season frosty
The anger dashed up to the sky of warriors heavenly
Dark were the hills of Longgang shrouded in mists
Hurrahs were heard in the front
Zhang Huizan the enemy chief was in our hand

Our troops reentered Jiangxi, two hundred thousand
Battle smoke covers half of the sky
Workers and peasants were mobilized in thousands
Their actions we unify
At the foot of Buzhou Mountain
Were seen Red flags of rebellion

渔家傲《反第二次大围剿》 一九三一年夏





clouds are to stand above the Baiyun Mountain

at its foot urgent shouts are heard

dead trees and rotten woods are all making an effort

our forests of guns had enemies cornered

Out from the clouds  descended fast warriors

in 15 days we covered 350 kilometers along

the misty river  and in mountains of green shade

sweeping the enemy like a wind strong

someone is weeping

for the failed step by step blockade


Behold, the many colors of the rainbow
Who is dancing in the sky with a ribbon pretty so?
The slanting rays of the sun resumed after the rain
The mountains display showers of green
A fierce battle fought here
On the village walls bullet holes are seen
They now add to the beauty
Of the surrounding mountain


Day's breaking from the east
Tell me not it's too early to hike
Many mountains covered, we're not old
The scenery is good on this side

High peaks outside of Huichuang
Rolling hills extend to the East Sea
Our soldiers point at the southern land
Where greener landscape they see

忆秦娥《娄山关》 一九三五年二月

Fierce is the west wind
In the frosty morning in the moon lit sky
I heard geese cry
Geese cry
Echoing horse hoof clattering
And the sobbing bugle blowing

Don’t say the majestic mountain passes
Are like iron gates hard to surpass
Today we surmounted the obstacles
And see green mountains as rolling oceans
And the setting sun, a bloody sign


We rode on fast horses non-stop
And looking back were shocked:
We’d ascended the mountain top
And at the heaven’s gate could knock

How mountains resemble huge rolling waves
Of oceans and rivers in turbulence
That gallop rapidly like war horses
Still in their fighting spirits

Intact are the blades of the mountains
After piercing the heaven
Which hangs on their edges
Which otherwise would have fallen

七律《长征》 一九三五年十月

how can mountains and rivers
deter red army soldiers
when they are strong willed to hike
endless miles north to fight
under their journey-worn feet
Wumeng turns into mud ball
nor are they themselves to cheat
Five Ranges do become streams small
fearsome is the Jinsha River
splashing on both rocky banks
the chain bridge in gunfire quiver
but gunfire stops no brave soldier
happy we are when we reunite
our forces of three routes
beyond the snow mountains white
after sliding down in shouts

The Red Army,fearing not the hardship
of long march and despising numerous mountains
and rivers, treat the Five Ranges as little streams
and the huge Wumeng Mountain as mud balls.
Then at the splashing Goldensand River,
its banks vague in misty fog, they storm the
sole bridge, iron chains only, braving gunfire.
Mountains of snow then they scale successively
and rejoined forces beyond in great glee


Born out of the sky
The great Kunlun Mountain
All the seasons of the world has seen
Three million jade dragons it holds
Making the sky icy cold
In summer the snow melts
Flooding rivers and streamlets
Turning humans into fish and turtles
Who is to judge
If the mountain is vicious or meritorious

Now I would like to say to Kunlun:
Don’t be so high
Don’t store so much snow
I wish I could draw a sword
Against the heaven
And cut you into three sections
One for Europe
One for Americas
O for our east neighbor
In a peaceful world
We share the same temperature

Sky appears high when clouds are thin
I watch southward geese till they can't be seen
Heroes we are not if we can't reach the Great Wall
I reckon that we've marched 20K li in all

On the high peaks of Mount Liu Pan
Red flags flutter in west wind
With this long rope in hand
When do I the feet of dragon bind?

沁园春《雪》 一九三六年二月

Scenery of the northern land
Sealed in ice of thousands of miles
Snow drifting far and wide
Around the Great Wall, either side
Is painted in silver white
Up and down the Yellow River
Rolling waves disappear
Mountains dance like silver serpents
Or gallop like waxed elephants
Or try to rise up to dwarf the sky
On a sunny day
Red glow on white snow
Adds beauty to the show

So lovely are the rivers and mountains
That they lured many a hero to fall in love
Pity that the first emperors
Were less brilliant in literature
And later dynasty ancestors
No poetic enough
The honor of heaven
That grassland Khan
Only knew to hunt eagles with his bow
They are gone now
While heroes leading the trend
In this time abound


Around the Zhongshan Mountain
Changes came in wind and rain
Crossing the Grand River
Were lion-like troops in the million
This city in tiger and dragon reign
Will now have better situation
Great will be the changes
That reverse earth and heaven
Don't let go the tired enemies
Chase'em with forces that remain
Learn not from the Chu State general
Trusting his foe for a vain reputation
Heaven would not last were it human
The Way of the world is revolution

七律《和柳亚子先生》 一九四九年四月二十九日

I remember we ate dim sum in Guangzhou  
In Chongqing's autumn you sought my poem to show
Thirty-one years later I'm back here in Beijing
I read your nice writing when petals are falling
Too much complaint will finally hurt your heart  
Seeing the future needs some perceiving art  
Don't say the Kunming Lake is not sufficiently deep
Fish watching there beats that at the Fuchun stream

浣溪沙《和柳亚子先生》 一九五零年十月

China was in a dark long night
For decades it was a devilish sight
Her people, half a billion, were like unthreaded kite

In came the daylight when roosters crow
Ethnic instruments are presenting a show
So much inspiration for a poetic you

浪淘沙《北戴河》 一九五四年夏

Torrential rain, Beijing and vicinity
White waves rise to the sky
Fishing boats off Qinghuangdao
I wonder where they hide
For I do not see them on the sea outside

Thousands of years before this day
Caocao rode his horse to Bohai Bay
“Here I come to see the sea,” he would say
Chilly autumn wind comes as before
But the world is the old one no more

水调歌头《游泳》 一九五六年六月

After drinking the water of Changsha
I came to Wuchang its fish to savor
A vast sky of Chu feasted my eyes
I swam thrice across the Yangtze River
To a casual walk in a yard
Braving the wind and waves I prefer
Today I had some leisure
What The Master said by a river
"Thus flows non-stop the water"

Boat masts in wind shake
Quiet are the hills of turtle and snake
A great design has been made:
Across Yangtze a bridge will appear
Natural chasm to become thoroughfare
A rock wall then rises in the west
And severs the river at its best
A placid lake will hang high in the gorges
Now the Goddess with all her sensitivity
Will be shocked by the new world greatly


I lost my "poplar " and you your "willow"
Both of them have risen to heaven
When asked what he had to entertain
The host of the moon presented osmanthus wine

The guest-expecting hostess waved her long sleeves
To dance for the souls of heroes in the sky
From the world below suddenly came the news
That harmful beasts were killed and now dead lie
Like torrential rain joyful tears
From our martyrs fell from on high

七律二首《送瘟神》 一九五八年七月一日

Vain are there green rivers and verdant mountains
A magic doctor is helpless before such tiny worms
Weeds and shit plague villages in the number of thousands
Tens of thousands of houses have turned into ghosts’ dorms
Ride the earth for forty thousand kilometers on all the days
I patrol the heaven and see thousands of milk ways
When the cattle herder asks me about the calamity
I say it is the same old sad story since antiquity

送瘟神 2

Willow leaves dance in spring breeze, thousands and thousands
The sage kings of the ancient China are now found numerous
Rain follows our wills and turn into waves of irrigation
Mountains turn into bridges to serve our intension
Silver hoes are seen digging in the sky high mountains
Earth shaking iron arms move about by the many rivers
I ask Mr. Disease where he is heading?
In paper boats lit with bright candles he is burning

七律《到韶山》 一九五九年六月
I dreamed my leaving home and cursed the time past
This is what happened there thirty two years ago
Red flags led enslaved peasants to rose with arms
A black hand held high a whip tyrannical
Because of martyrs who sacrificed for faith
We dared to create a new heavenly dome
Happy am I now to see waves of wheat rolling
To cooking smoke heroes at dusk come home

七律《登庐山》 一九五九年七月一日

A mountain flew to stand by
The river from on high
Four hundred turns of roads
Lead to the verdant heights
Atop the mountain I scan
The world with scornful eyes
A hot wind blows rain
Over the rivers and skies
Among clouds the Yellow Crane
Floats above the nine streams
The Three Wu lands down the Yangtze
Is covered in white smoky steam
Mr Tao, aha, I wonder where
This Magistrate is residing
I’d like to ask if his utopia
Is now open for farming

七绝《为女民兵题照》 一九六一年二月
七律《答友人》 一九六一年

Over the Jiuyi Mountains
White clouds race
Riding the wind, the princesses
Land here in verdant place
On pieces of bamboo
They shed sad tears
The rosy clouds make
Their many-fold dresses
The waves of the Dongting Lake
Surge high snow-white
The songs from the islet make
An earth-shaking sight

A vast world I thus see in my dreams
While sleeping in my native Hunan
In the morning rises the sun
Bathing my land in its beams

七绝《为李进同志题所摄庐山仙人洞照》 一九六一年九月九日

七律《和郭沫若同志》 一九六一年十一月十七日

卜算子《咏梅》 一九六一年十二月

Spring fades among wind and rain
Then returns in dancing snow again
when high cliffs are covered with icicles
A plum tree blooming is seen

Pretty as she is, she doesn't compete in spring
Her flower only a messenger for its coming
When mountains are ablaze with wild flowers
She will be among companions, smiling

Poem by Lu You

At the broken bridge near a hotel
A plum tree is blooming alone
A solitary sadness at the sun setting hour
Worsened by wind and shower

I have no mood to compete in spring
Jealous let other flowers be
Even to dust I finally go
My fragrance lingers so


念奴娇 鸟儿问答 一九六五年秋

When the Big Bird opens its wings
It soars up ninety thousands miles
Like a twisting whirlwind
With sky above it looks down at
The cities of human world
Where cannons boom
Where shells scatter
Bringing sparrows in tall grass fear:
What a terrible place
I must fly fleeing the terror

“Where to?” asked the Big Bird
“Oh, there is a fairy place of some kind
Didn’t you see the year before last
Under a bright autumn moon
A three party treaty was signed?
They even provide food
Beef and potatoes brewed”
“Shut the fucking mouth!
And wait to see a new heaven and earth.