方壶斋旧体诗1978--85 部分英译

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春 思 1978 3

翠柳千条报春来,一树杏花对日开。鸟鸣声声思故土,南风阵阵动襟怀。遥望宣武 路千里,常梦病体健若初*。同学还须勤伏案,今秋对菊盼倾杯。


The green willow announces that spring is here
Under the sun apricot blossoms a blaze of fire
Singing birds stir up my feelings of nostalgia
The warm southern breeze fans up my poetic desire
The Xuanwu Gate is thousands of miles away
Oft I dreamed to see my grandma’s  recovery*
My classmates still have to study for college entry
I wish by the fall mums to drink to their victory

1978.3 Luoyang

* My grandma broke her thighbone. Never healed in the so called "family ward", a way hospital dealt with the problem of bed shortage, she died after 8 years' confined life in bed.

2. Thoughts in A Moon-lit Evening




Outside, like the moon, street lamps shine bright
On the balcony the moon pours her light
I remember how my mentor’s kids once tried
To teach me how among poems Li Po to find

1978.3 Luoyang

* Mr. Li zhenguo is my high school Chinese teacher. At the age 50, he was given the rank of lecturer and died of heart failure.







Snowy pear blossoms
And rosy peach flowers
Skirt the green hills
Overnight came the news
Of spring with mooing cows
And bleating goats



*猫 耳 洞 。

3. Military Drill at Night

In the kingdom of pitch dark night
Dim is the shrouded star light
In the gardens of peach trees
Shadows are cast like sparse seeds
Startled dogs barks and howl
In the lone hamlet upon which none cares to call
Our troops march fast in haste,
Through the deep gullies naturally made
Steep is the yellow earth cliff
In which foxholes stare at us as if
The march route is long and zigzagging
Village after village we go passing
Like blind sheep we go and go
How far out  none is supposed to  know

1978.3 Luoyang











石 1978. 6



As spring ends, a howling wind attacks trees
A scene of mountain to collapse in thunder
The autumn leaves fall fast with much ease
A wrinkled pond sends out foams of water
Led colored clouds block the sun’s ray
Thickly dark night dims the stars’ light
A rock however stays its unperturbed way
Of all the things only he show some might

乡 思 1978. 7. 7

秋 风 细 雨 送 斜 阳 , 春 才 归 去 翠 又 伤 。 故 城 郊 草 知 几 尺 , 远 方 游 子 思 正 长 。 牵 牛 情 绕 芳 荃 紧 , 藤 蔓 执 架 未 能 忘 。 谁 人 不 称 东 席 美 , 却 道 家 母 饭 更 香 。

7月7日忆北京同学 1978. 7. 7

未见卢沟晓月,唯瞻御笔遗碑。抗战故地易貌,几番凭吊同谁?雨逗闲情戏雨,日发百感记日。诚愿再行拜访,能把东都 忘归。

Thinking of My Beijing Friends on July 7

We missed the Lugou Bridge moon of the morning
Seeing only the engraved emperor's  brush writing
This site where China and Japan exchanged fire
How many times have we visited there?
Rain falls and makes me playful to play with the rain
The day comes and reminds me to remember it again
How I wish to pay another visit to the hallowed ground
And there, my current city forgotten, I will not turn around.

琴台 1978. 8


The Terrace of Zither*

Mountains and waters I detect not
In vain this terrace of zither remains
No music is heard at this friendship spot
Why should I be here, nothing explains

* Qintai - located in Wuchang, Hubei Province, the site commemorates the friendship
between a zither musician and his friend, who could tell whether the music signifies mountains or waters. The musician smashed his zither when his friend died.




Hearing Cicada

In late fall, the chirping of cicadas sounds extremely sad, especially when heard in an empty room.

Every year I hear cicadas in the fall
They sing tirelessly in the days of the season all
Tonight I hear their symphony again
Sadness comes like torrents of rain
They ask about my home far away
Their songs I treat as words of play
How dare I discern intentions of other’s mind
Whomever I meet in life I put them behind
The songs of cicadas I fear much indeed
Like spider webs they cling at you with greed
Why do you tease me, a petty bookworm
And make sadness grow in me like germ?
All of my life is spent in reading books
My best friends with monotonous looks
Serious am I when I open my mouth to talk
And not frivolous when I lift my foot to walk
Please, stop your laughs you devil of the tree
Thus speaking,  I am trying to tell thee
With volumes of books that my ambition shame
I know the lengthy road to a scholarly fame
Those who died early have their grave stones stand
Reading them, I’m careful not to enter their land
Even though I might come to the brim of Big Void
A heart-as-ash guide will help me traps avoid

1978.8.9 Luoyang



. On Top of a Hill on Mid-Autumn Festival

The swift August wind sounds like nomad flutes that complain  13
In the Mangshan Hills, misty clouds bring in the autumn rain   14
North of the Yellow River, the King’s City is nowhere to be found 16
While family mail rarely comes down to this army compound 15
When the moon is dimmed by the clouds, Mid-Autumn is but a nuisance 16
Now I yearn for the New Year's Eve when snow dances with red candles  16
Pitiful am I at this high place alone and no one his sympathy sends 14
Facing the invisible capital I recall when I parted with friends  14

1978.9 Luoyang

*Mangshan - the mountain range north of Luoyang
** the King’s City - the original city built in Luoyang, the site being east of the city today.



Failing to recall a dream of a rainy night

The autumn rain beat the broad leaves outside  my window
I took it for tears of parting lovers at the gate of border town
At day break, merry songs of birds dispelled my sorrow
When the sky was blue with white clouds and the rain gone
Like rivers flowing east, the good old days are no more
Sadly I face solitude like a resentful boat grounded on shore
Last night at my pillow I heard the accents of hometown
I tried to recall who was there but my memory shut down

1978.10.8 Luoyang




9. On My 22th Birthday

All my life I rarely visit the place where I was born
Often I see the Fragrance Hills’ red leaves at this time
My school years were filled with dreamy feelings strong
Yet I achieved nothing thereafter, what a crime!
Old stories of Beijing now have disappeared like lifted fog
In Luoyang my body and heart are like pieces of dead wood
After A Stone’s Story I turn to Taoist masters’ works
And read the Buddhist sutras after being fed with moral food

秋 思 1978. 10. 3

才 经 夏 尽 芳 荃 败 , 又 看 秋 深 翠 叶 红 。 总 爱 京 西 风 色 好 , 奈 何 身 在 洛 阳 城 。

Missing Home in the Fall

Summer's blossoms have just died away
The green leaves are now turning red
I usually go to the West Hills for a day
But am now confined to Luoyang like dead





Walking on Snow  

Broken jade under my hurried feet
A messy disorder I leave behind
In front spreads a silver sheet
Nothing but a dream of some kind
Whatever appears pretty is a fantasy of the mind.
Many regrets I have, how many I don’t know
Before old ones die, new ones would show
In vain my hair turns gray
For I've ignored life’s right way
Oh, what a big snow
As if to dye my hair further so
The heartless heaven is my foe
I think of friends back in Beijing
Who look forward to the spring
I wonder with whom I shall share
The fragrance of orchid in the air
I fear however that when we meet each other
Neither knows what words are considered proper



Walking on Snow continued

With floating light and flipping shadows
The moon shines on a cold temple door
Dog-eared books still sit at my pillows
Where is the wind-and-cloud-killing sword?
A smile mixed with hatred is oft in my dreams seen
I want to shed tears, but they will my shirts stain
My warrior robe is hiding a soul weak
Shame that no brave heart in me you can seek
Now far far from home this traveler
Is wary of roadside flirting flower
A vagabond from the Yan mountains north
Will not fall for the music of the south
Service time drips like the hourglass sand
I am waiting to set plow to my land



Attached to the quiet stream of a mountain spring
Is an orchid by the rocky steps cold with the dew
To the rains and winds yonder she just keeps listening
And from other rival plants she doesn't steal a show

看 牡 丹 1979. 5. 22


Peony Flower

Looking  vulgar, she prefers to flirt and seduce
Uncontrollable is her desire to seek others’ praise
The spirit of burnt peony* has long been in disuse
Only riches and vanity do people of today chase
Naming herself as the symbol of prosperity
Peony enjoys a dusty spring of the city
After staying long here and feeling tired
I think of lotus and chrysanthemum  I admired

游陶然亭 1979. 7. 28

石岸回旋杨柳夹,轻舟碧水玉桥斜。亭阁隐现松涛里。 楼榭凭湖对云霞。西园香飘百草盛,东湖新竹叶正发。陶然何需待菊黄,满目尽是劳动花。

willow trees line a winding bank of lake
light boats, green water, bridge white as jade
pavilions and towers hide in waves of pine
terraces arching the lake face clouds fine
west garden's plants have fragrance in the air
east lake's bamboo groves show new leaves fair
who needs autumn mums for enchantment?
flowers plenty feed the eyes with enjoyment




秋香 1979. 9


As autumn comes the sweet olive trees
Send out a smell sweet and fragrant
The smell fluctuates in the breeze
Filling the yard and the ponds with ease
What a nice gift for a friend absent
Who hasn't for a long time been present
Pity that I can't hold it in my hand
And ask the mailman for me to send

秋晨 1979. 9. 13


On an Autumn Morning

Grass is dying, crickets are chirping
On the Wutong leaves, rain is rustling
In the morning, mist is rising
In the distance, trees are hiding
At the dusk, leaves fall
Covering a path, slant and all
Quiet is the yard, cicadas are gone
Empty is the bed, no one sleeps on
Mystery dreams seen deep into the night
Loud reading heard at the morning sight

洛 城 春 1979. 4


Spring in Luoyang

When willow trees turn green and flowers bloom
Birds happily welcome the return of spring
Who cares for the work of a scholar’s room
In the spring breeze we set out for an outing
First we visit the White Horse Temple holy
Then at Longmen* we go to the tomb of Juyi*
West of town we hike the verdant trails hilly
Singing’nd drinking we see off Qingming** gaily

1979.4 Luoyang

* The Longmen Grottoes are the third largest collection of Buddhist rock cave sculptures in China. Opposite them across a river is the location of the tomb of Tang Dynasty poet Bai Juyi (Po Chuyi).
** Qingming Festival- a day for visiting ancestor tombs.

劳动公园看牡丹 1979. 4


In the April's breezy air
Willow catkins fly like snow
Fat are the peonies at the Fair*
Of the capital of Zhou**
The delicate flowers, what a pity
Are bred in a land of dirt
My spring season mood happy
Is spoiled by my dusty shirt

1979.4 Luoyang

* Poeny Fair is held in Luoyang in mid April.
** Luoyang was the capital of the Zhou Dynasty.






In the Classroom

There is no sound of reading
Only cicadas chirping
In the deserted classroom
All the chairs are waiting
Pushing open the windows
The autumn wind enters
Flipping through the books
That no one really cares

1979.10.1 Luoyang



. Moon of Mid-Autumn

In the east a bright moon rises
Luminous like a golden pie
Pouring light over the earth
From the vastness of the sky
Every month it wanes and grows
But perfect only on this day
I look around in deep sorrows
For no one hears what I say

1979.9.6 Luoyang





22th Birthday

In this late autumn I compose this song
In an empty room where something is wrong
I have no wine though I have the money
I have my sorrows to make me happy
My old-fashioned dreams a brisk wind kills
My soul-mate the moon caught by window sills
Friends are far and family not near, no way
Packaged new, I celebrate my day

1979.10.30 Luoyang

咏菊二首1979. 10. 6


Always elegant and beautiful
No matter how she does her hair
What is her design meaningful
In avoiding other flowers fair?
Envied by rivals she often is
For her heaven-like cleanliness
More fascinating in frosty time
She shows her beauty in its prime


She comes at a time when plants do not strive
For flattery but her late golden flowers
Are here to tell you spring is still alive
And in autumn we can have petal showers

竹 1980


Bamboo is straight and upright
Because of its culm connection
Without flowers it keeps a verdant sight
Generation after generation
More adorable they are
After a shower of rain
In the autumn wind
My good companion



招止亭晚栖 1980. 5. 28


At the Mysterious Monster Rock
I lay down to rest
In the Summon-to-Stop Pavilion
Casually I read
Birds returned,  floating in the dark valley
I waited for the evening bell of the abbey

1980.5.28 Beijing Badachu

* Zhaozhiting - A pavalion at a cliff by a narrow mountain gorge in the Badachu Park west of Beijing,
** Mimoya - At the same location as Zhaozhiting, it is a huge rock roof  sheltering the  cave.





Great! thou chrysanthemum at the window
Alone stealest the autumn's beauty show
Sittinge at a seat so loftily high
Thou commandest a panorama view
Thou savorest the self-esteem of solitude
Fishinge for compliments thou considerest low
Thy golden crown is the color of emperor
Wild plants cunnen only before you kowtow


Great! you chrysanthemum at the south window
Alone you steal the autumn's beauty show
High on the tower you repose your body
Commanding a panorama view
You savor the self-esteem of solitude
Fishing for compliment you consider low
Your golden crown is the color of king
That renders other flowers into nothing



The night rain of the autumn in the wilderness
White-washes the green gauzes of trees
I feel the sudden change of things and see
The intensiveness of autumn scenes
Thick grass are wet with the drops of dew
Sparse leaves bear the print of frost bite
High is the sky and cold the morning winds blow
Low are the clouds that put the sun out of sight
Chrysanthemum glares in dark willow leaves
Its air of pride heavier than floating clouds
A sight seeing man always new things seeks
A left behind goose would miss its old flock
My neck stretching, I often gaze at the north
From there I expect letter bearing geese
Seeing endless roads my heart sinks
I am in no mood for strumming strings
A lover of ladies,  I'm often at their service
So as to comfort my soul in a strange land
I thus invite the glare of evil eyes
Bitter remarks send my heart to ice land
Through the window autumn wind comes at night
My quilt is too thin to keep my body warm
Unable to sleep I read with a torch light
Fascinated, I then forget I am in the dorm
Twenty five years have I been in this world
And claim to be a near bookworm
When washing my feet I read Tang poets' words
And English when I use the bathroom
My sorrows I dispel with ink and pen
My leisure I share with those close to me
Common and ordinary are all my friends
Yet they're good enough to make me happy
Think not that weak must be a fair hand
And long hair means wisdom lacks
That Gender and looks tell no people, do understand
Such preference is too much a bias
I will keep my way of behaving myself
And wait for another autumn fine
Then hearing "going home" I will laugh
And remember this birthday of mine






From time to time blows the west breeze
When leaves fall as autumn proceeds
We want to set them on fire but unable to
For the night is cold and wet is the dew

1980.11.16 Luoyang



33. Reading An Ancient Love Poem*

Their romance has passed down into history
As if nothing is great if not a sad story
The later generations enjoy the love lore
That hides the sufferings of the day


* Lu You's Chaitoufeng

细 雨 霏 霏 , 译 Sara Teasdale

细 雨 霏 霏 满 地 香 , 燕 子 飞 徊 柔 声 唱 。 素 装 尽 看 荒 郊 李 , 蛙 声 听 取 夜 色 塘 。 红 羽 妆 成 画 眉 美 , 清 歌 小 蓠 诉 奇 想 。 岂 念 烽 火 映 干 戈 , 谁 虑 败 寇 与 成 王 。 世 间 纵 是 人 绝 灭 , 鸟 木 无 心 为 断 肠 。 一 朝 春 梦 断 不 知 , 人 面 桃 花 两 茫 茫 。

There will come soft rains and the smell of the ground,
And swallows circling with their shimmering sound;

And frogs in the pool singing at night,
And wild plum trees in tremulous white;

Robins will wear their feathery fire,
Whistling their whims on a low fence-wire;

And not one will know of the war, not one
Will care at last when it is done.

Not one would mind, neither bird nor tree,
If mankind perished utterly;

And Spring herself when she woke at dawn
Would scarcely know that we were gone.





34. Outing

In this deserted suburb I stroll in leisure
The catkins of willows red in sunset glow
West of the town the fields are of sizable measure
Good enough for the Clear and Bright Day show
At the end of the road kids fly kites high
Fresh is the new soil on grave mounds low
Who cares to eat food cold before this day?
The country loves the service from an able hero



Remembering the South

Spring retired early
Heat rules the central plain
Where are cool winds and green willows?
And the sails on the Changjiang again?
Missing you, what a pain!

1981.5 Luoyang

荷 1981. 5. 20


Lotus Flower

Lotus in shallow pond has easy access
Bearing seeds that wait for good offer
Deep in dirty mud it buries its roots
Floating fragrance above the water

1981.5.20 Luoyang



Sleepless night
Waking up, rain still in sight
Alone I am in the verdant coldness
Two sparrows flew away
From under the eaves



Hushed is the rain at the autumn's tail
On and off it disturbs my repose
Desire I not lingering by the rail
I can't bear the full moon I suppose



Moon light on ground is like seamless snow
I love it, in fall or spring may it be
I care less for academic laurel
Than sharing it with a fair lady




We are here three, no need for a shadow
Outside the city the moon looks so new
Late into the night can still be heard voices

The worn books on the desk I have no mood to read
Opening the window I try to chant a poem instead
But I can't compose, for the symphony of crickets



Endless is the big universe
Each year sees death and birth
Reincarnation makes attachment futile
Should you let go do not hold on another while
Hounds get cooked after game is in hand
Bows hang idle when birds are killed as planned
I as nothingness fear not dust gathering
My heart is with the bell in clouds tolling

Reading My Old Poems

The world is a trip with no end
And life has ups and downs
Reincarnation being the rule
What else can't we forsake?
The hound gets cooked after the game
And the arrow burnt after the birds
In a dusty world I am but nothing
My heart tied to bells in clouds

2016/1/18 新译

The world is but an endless journey
Vicissitudinous life can be
Reincarnation means no attachment
What can't be let go at the right moment?
Hounds get cooked after rabbits are shot dead
Bows are put away when birds are exhausted
In a dusty world I am but nothing
My heart tied to bells in clouds tolling




he sun sinks west
The late breeze soft
Bright stars see the rising moon rays
Through tree leaves
Passing house eaves
It. shines brighter than on mid-autumn days
Rippling water feeds a pond so cold
Soft light comforts earthly soul
A lofty heart detached from worldly cares
The moon rises in the east
A human knowing beast

Leaves fall fast
Racing the west wind
Breaking moon light into jade. of small piece
Wanting a full moon
For how many years
My eyes sour at watching home-bound geese
Time has worn out my life in central plain
My friendship searching soul worked in vain
Now my buddy is only nature itself
In the east the moon ascends
The human mind it understands



In extreme happiness we tend to forget
Our sadness to search for short-lived fun
With the passing year we'd rather let
Time take our sorrows and run
The Big Dipper turns as the year drips away
What dreams do we have of yesterday?







Over the vast sky rain washes the lonely autumn
The Pipa playing in dreams stir up my thoughts of home
Floating in the sky, a lone goose loses her home bound goal
Drifting in the sea, a light sail wanders like a lost soul
Green willows once told me the message of spring
Jade clouds soon revealed my stupid desiring
Facing a wall, I am now devoted to reading and writing
With a heart of Zen I now desire nothing







As autumn leaves tell the forever told romance
I visit the desolate Shen Garden in the morning
The rock paths are swept by the people of the house
The pond grass, unattended, await a guest's coming  
I seek and search but nowhere can I see any love's trace
Leaning on a rock, I sketch the willow trees full of sad grace
Duckweeds are curious about the ancient love lore
Scars and wounds fill my eye with lamentable sore



The king rewarded your work
With a sword to kill yourself
Now silently your tomb stone points
To his jealousy but how many
Really know that the Prince is
Forever a  betrayer?






When the moon light shines bright
And the nice boat on river floats
I alone tour the south of the Yangtze river
Accompanied by my shadow’nd none other
Beautiful the autumn scene is
The moon in clouds shy as a girl
Charming though the West Lake is
It’s cruel to see lovers kiss

At dusk I board a boat
For a night trip to Suzhou
Surprised I am by a beauty
How the laundry girl she resemble
An amorous companionship
Is what I desire most in life
How I want to be her Romeo
To take her as my wonderful wife

I want to give her a hint first
Yet I was too shy to say a word
I compose my speech in heart
But hope she makes a start
Then suddenly I realize how hard
It is to transfer myself to her part
And the tragedy of the poet cuckolded
Puts all my fantasy suspended

If you want to live in peace
Better content with cheeper cheese
This Shanghai guys once told me
When they talked about matrimony
Don’t be head over heel for pretty faces
Think of possible complications
After all we all specific cases
Of the work of  social relations



With next door neighbors in my ear
At the last moment of the year
I took a brush pen to paint bamboo
No parties for me and nothing to do
I want to forget the loneliness
Of spending New Year companionless
Morning is hours away
It starts as a study day




I dance away the year with a soft song
And forget where I am
When I wake up from dreams the cold is still strong
How silly I am

Leaves fall in the yard back home
What a shame to this wandering bard
How much longer shall I be here
Another year is hard



Here in Yunan I see the moon in the mountain
I think of the autumn in palace of the east capital*
Old memories come back often like a fountain
Years of laments are like rivers that forever flow

Luoyang was the east capital in the Zhou, Sui and Tang Dynasties.